Why choose British Preschool?

The British Preschool philosophy has been developed over the years of teaching and caring experience to blend the traditional British teaching values with outdoor Scandinavian and Montessori philosophies. We know that children develop and learn in different ways and at different paces; and that all areas of learning and development are equally important and inter-connected.

Early Childhood is the most important phase for overall development. What occurs in the early years sets the foundation for the future, so as a parent it is imperative that your child receives the correct guidance and nurturing to develop sensibility and confidence as they grow. We ensure each child receives personalised attentive care and the best educational experience possible in a homely environment.

We also help the children discover active enjoyment in life along with good social skills. We focus on bringing out each child’s best qualities and to make each child a truly rounded person. Our approach is different; each individual child matters to us and our child-focused and affectionate environment provides tailored physical and mental stimulation for them. Good manners and behaviour are integral to a balanced all-round education. We provide a well-balanced curriculum to support all areas of learning and development.

Our preschool provides a safe and secure environment where each child gets the opportunity to develop at their pace. With educational learning and development focused in small groups each child receives a teacher’s close attention, which is important when providing the children with best educational experience. All our preschool children will be carefully prepared for a smooth transition to school.

What makes British Preschool so different?

We implement the British curriculum via learn through play. The Sri Lankan curriculum will be taught through books.

We provide a free Family Support Service in-house, which will support parents by signposting them to relevant services, as well as with parenting and child development milestones.

Our Family Support Service will also offer a range of support methods such as emotional and practical support as well as helping parents to understand and identify children’s individual needs.

For further inquiries or to access this service/book a session please contact us.